Our "creative capacity" is our ability to generate new solutions, new businesses, new norms,
and future opportunities.



cre·ate (krēˈāt/) verb - to bring (something) into existence

ca·pac·i·ty (ˈpasədē/) noun - the ability or power to do something

Innovation and new knowledge will increasingly drive Australia's economic growth, and will be powered by new technologies, models and collaborations that improve productivity. 

In an increasingly complex and globalised world, critical thinking, resilience and connectivity will also be essential.

We know that these elements - innovation, collaboration, knowledge and critical thinking - call for proficiencies in 'STEM' (science, technology, engineering, maths). We also understand the value of encouraging entrepreneurship, avenues for commercialisation of ideas, an openness to iteration and the importance of strong funding . 

I believe there is another key ingredient that is key to our future success.

We need to recognise that the arts and creative sectors are already crucial to us fulfilling our potential in each of these areas.

This goes beyond simply adding in 'arts' into our skills focus and calling it STEAM, or valuing the arts solely because of their effect on well-being.

It means properly understanding that creative or artistic processes already embody many of the elements key to innovation - new ideas, iterations, paradigm shifts, collaborations, the value of mistakes, and building on work in transformative ways. 

We must properly value this and place it at the centre of all we do, connecting it with business, government, development and community, in health, transport, tourism and planning - by doing so, we can ensure a creative and collaborative environment that enables us to create a, innovation and knowledge-based future.

This blog aims to explore these ideas and how we can reach our optimum creative capacity, to present approaches and models of how this can occur, and to look at the real value that the arts, creativity and culture offer to get us there.