Accessing Creativity - Artist Open House Fremantle

If we are to benefit more widely from creativity and art, we need to have good access to it, and the greater the quality of our contact, the more we stand to benefit. But there can be barriers to appreciating art or connecting to creativity. One initiative aimed at overcoming that very problem is Artist Open House Fremantle.

AOHF is in its third year of opening up homes throughout South Fremantle as exhibition spaces over a weekend - a unique combination of art in the very environment in which it will ultimately be enjoyed, and an opportunity to see and interact with spaces or forms that inspire those who live there. Of course, the art and architecture also interact, highlighting and accentuating each other. 

Whilst not the only of its kind (ArtWalk Freo is similar) AOHF has made a big impact as a warm, welcoming community event, and an excellent way to see an array of artists in a setting that breaks down some barriers that can be present in more traditional exhibition. 

For that reason, AOHF and initiatives like it, allow us to benefit from better connections to creative work. I see this as similar to the Parlour Gigs model (and others like it) of backyard or lounge-room gigs - bringing music into new environments that allow different or direct connections to audiences. Similarly again at a much broader scale, Perth's FRINGEWORLD Festival (on whose board I currently sit) brings us a huge range of art and creativity in variety of very unique settings, and has proven it's ability to create a huge audience.

I believe that the quality of our access to art is as important as appreciating the true benefits of art and creativity in our lives: which is that the more we connect to art and creativity, the more we can be innovative and creative in any aspect of our lives, and in the face of unknown future challenges. Thus, the more effectively we connect to creativity and art, the greater these potential benefits can be.

On my visit to AOHF this year, I spoke with Cat Read, found of "Artist Open House Fremantle", about the event, and how it works.