Parlour Gigs

This is why I think the Parlour gigs model is a great fit for Perth - and such a great driver of creativity right in our front gardens.

I've always believed Perth has a huge amount of creative or musical talent - clearly some of our musos are amongst the best in the world, the best in the country or doing their own amazing thing right here in WA, right under our noses. But, it is arguably harder for Perth artists to connect to or build a sufficient audience, either here or elsewhere.

We don't have the concentration of entertainment venues or precincts (yet) that cities like Melbourne do. We're physically very spread out so it can be difficult for audiences and artists to connect easily. However, we do have a huge amount of beautiful opens spaces in backyards or courtyards, parks and public spaces, and lots of beautiful homes with places that people love to spend time. We do like socialising at home.

I also believe Perth people are lovers of music and creativity, and will embrace it if it's accessible and real - the success of events like The Giants, our FringeWorld or Perth's Sculptures by the Sea prove this.

Parlour gigs can combine all these things, particularly if our economy is likely to slow and the boom times wane like the summer sun now is - we can provide new and expanded opportunities for artists and their audiences to discover each other and connect, in a sustainable, local way, that can also grow audiences for more traditional music venues.

I believe it really is a 'win-win-win' model.