Creative Capacity Building

Today I'm taking a big step in a direction I've been wanting to do for a while - for years, actually.

This blog starts a new chapter for me advocating for and championing arts and creative activity, building on what I've done to date.

I'm doing so because believe that creativity, embodied in arts, culture and creative work, are fundamental to how we develop as a society. So far, I've dedicated my legal career to supporting creative work for almost 20 years, and set up a specialist arts and creative industries law practice just over 8 years ago.

I've dedicated hours to other creative endeavours, such as arts boards as diverse as RTRFM 92.1 radio, Emerging Writer's Festival, FringeWorld and the Chamber of Arts & Culture. I've managed and mentored writers and musicians, executive-produced film and multi-platform concepts, and spent probably too many hours enjoying films, performances, exhibitions, festivals and pitches.

Why am I blowing my own trumpet? Not just to make up for never becoming an actual musician, but as a small fanfare for why I think this area is so important and for me to want to do more. Creativity makes us who we are, and allows us to connect, explore and understand. It gives us balance and well-being, whether we experience it ourselves or through someone else's work. It helps us develop skills and abilities - empathy and critical thinking, for example, innovation and collaboration - in a way that will become essential in a rapidly changing and complex world. I also believe that our creativity is the essence of being human.

I want to continue my work in support of creativity in a new way, and help give voice to an area that I feel we are yet to appreciate and fully understand for the direct and tangible benefits it gives us.

It's a little bit like me moving from drums up to guitar.

Please join me on this journey, and sign up to the blog (so I can stop annoying you on Facebook!)

 A great wave can carry us far

A great wave can carry us far

cre·ate (krēˈāt/) verb - to bring (something) into existence